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The cad.assyst Made-to-Measure (in short, MTM) provides you with the ideal solution:
  • Customer-specific data management
  • Automatic alterations
  • Direct marker making
  • Numerous assyst customers - including manufacturers who produce on a large scale - already use this module for manufacturing made-to-measure and special series. Made-to-measure, tailored to your needs:
    The standard patterns are augmented with measurements for the desired alterations. To guarantee a proper fit, you must define the following values:
  • Alteration Points
    In cad.assyst - our pattern making and grading system - you define the areas of a pattern which will be alterable.
  • Alterations Table
    An alterations table is similar to a standard table, except that it works with multipliers rather than intermittent values. These multipliers determine how subsequent alteration values are structured. with our customers and an in-depth understanding of their needs. Made-to-Measure. As Easy as 1, 2, 3:
    You have several options for using the Made-to-Measure module in cad.assyst: The Made-to-Measure Garment Order
    1. Entering Data in cad.assyst
    Your retailers forward an order with the customerís measurements via mail, fax, email or courier. You enter the customer data - name and order number - and the customerís measurements which deviate from the standard measurements: A special table is provided for entering customer specific measurements. This alteration table is later loaded to MTM, where it used to calculate the measurements for the individual pieces of a pattern and marker.

    2. Entering Data Via GoWeb
    Your customers enter their measurements directly to a PC at the point of sale via GoWeb. This data is routed to your location via the Intranet/ Internet, where it can be accessed, checked and processed further in MTM. For more information on GoWeb, please consult our product flyer.

    3. Entering customer measurements in MTM
    You simply activate the MTM program and enter the customerís measurements directly in the MTM-software.

    As mentioned in Sections 1 and 2, customer measurements can also be downloaded from cad.assyst, GoWeb or commercial data processing software. Alteration data does not require additional memory space, but is still available at any time and can be augmented and updated at a later date. An automatic marker calculation function is activated via a simple mouse click on an item in the MTM menu. The marking process can be executed manually or automatically.